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Christmas Appeals

We always say that our customers are the best and one of them, Janet Forrest, contacted us with a great idea.

She asked why we didn’t collect shoe boxes of goodies for local children in the same way they are collected for children abroad?

Good question we thought!

For over ten years now BASIC have been providing Christmas sacks of seasonal items to lonely or vulnerable people in our town. The number has steadily grown ot around 100 and we receive referrals each year from Social Services and other community organisations.

So Janet’s shoe box idea will be a great way to pass on some seasonal community goodwill.

We also realised that there are many older people in care homes in the town and we have expanded the idea to include them.

We’re asking for people to make up a shoe box and fill it and then mark on the outside the appropriate age group, sex (if applicable) of the reipient. So it might say ‘Girl 6 to 8 years’ or ‘Older lady’ for example.

So in addition to our appeal for seasonal food we’re hoping for shoe boxes as follows:-


Some ideas of what can be put in the boxes are:-


Small toys, games and puzzles.

Children’s toothbrush and paste.

Hairbrush / Comb



Colouring Books


This is just a short list – but anything can be put in which is safe and appropriate.



Brush / Comb

Nail Clippers

Drawings by a child


Sweets / Chocolates






Again these are just ideas and we’re sure you have lots of your own.

The boxes can be given in to either of our shops or St.John’s church.

The final date to donate is SATURDAY 26th November

Thank you!

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