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Support The Ainsley's

Felixstowe couple, Dave and Lucy Ainsley, have three young sons who each suffer from Hereditary Multiple Extotoses, which is an extremely rare condition. Only 1 in 50,000 children may suffer from this debilitating and painful condition.


BASIC made a long-term commitment to help the family when the eldest son, Blake's, condition was highlighted.


The family have to travel from their home town of Felixstowe, Suffolk UK to Edinburgh, Scotland for treatment from the only National Specialist. This means that the family have to find i.r.o. £500 for each round trip.


Lucy and Dave have been tireless in the fund raising efforts and they have also been very willing to pass back to BASIC a proportion of all they raise.


We have a Just Giving page which is used to support the family.


Please click the link below and show how much you care by making a donation - every penny is vital and we really appreciate your support.


Thank you!

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